CUCUL™ : Culture Culture Lang

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Last Saturday night, my ate gurl and perpetual COCOL (Concert Concert Lang) and CUCUL™ (Culture Culture Lang) buddy Jessa and I braved the rainy metro and headed to Teatrino at Promenade to watch two indie films, Ang Nawawala and Sana Dati.

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Before entering Teatrino, we actually got ourselves some food because we haven’t eaten lunch yet! I haven’t even eaten anything for the entire day yet since I came straight from the clinic. So yay, food! Only to find out that we weren’t allowed to bring them inside 😦


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Promenade cinema doing it right! Love the vintage posters!

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Headed straight to Teatrino after buying our food…..that we weren’t able to eat inside huhuhu.

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Loving the whole vibe inside Teatrino though! Such gorgeous interiors! Very 1920’s! It was my first time inside and I was definitely blown away. I didn’t expect a place like this to exist in Manila. I hope more theaters look like this, or gig places!


I mean, pillars! And red curtains! And intricate detailing. Very nakaka-art! I also loved the crowd that night. It was my second time to watch Ang Nawawala but it felt so different and I enjoyed it more this time. The reactions from the crowd, how everyone was on the same page and humor wavelength, was refreshing. Most of the people that night were millennials after all. Also, watching it the second time around made me notice details that I never really noticed before! So many easter eggs!

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Ang Nawawala ended at 7pm and we had a 30-minute break before Sana Dati started so we headed to the food court of some sort to eat our now cold food. Guys, no one deserves soggy fries. It is the evilest of all evil.

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Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane ❤

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SOLD OUT for the night!

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There’s a bar inside Teatrino haha.

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ANG NAWAWALA (na bata sa bahay nila).

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The film ended at around 9:15 in the evening and so we must face the sad reality of braving the rainy metro on a Saturday night. North to South, yo! We breezed by EDSA so effortlessly but we didn’t expect the Southbound expressway to be so packed! Arrived at home at around 11:20pm (and still had the energy to lurk in the internet. Typical Alex).

I truly enjoyed this night and I’m looking forward to more CUCUL™ nights with ate gurl Jessa! I wonder what next month’s indie films will be?

Catch Ang Nawawala and Sana Dati at Teatrino every Saturday this September!


How To Be An Explorer Of The World


There’s an ongoing deliberation right now for The Big Blog Exchange 2014 for the 14 bloggers from the Top 100 and the additional 2 wildcards for a total of 16 future adventurers! 

I am praying to the gods of travel and adventure that I get picked to be included in the 16 bloggers who will embark on the journey to cultural understanding through the power of blogging. I can already imagine scratching off more places on my scratch map!

What are the things that I’d do if I get chosen to be part of this year’s Big Blog Exchange?

1. Spread the love!

To be able to represent The Philippines for this year’s Big Blog Exchange will be such an honor, as I will be given the chance to share the things I love and the things my country has to offer. The Philippines has a lot of hidden gems, with thousands of islands comprising this archipelago, you can surely find yourself in a paradise. I have done my fair share of exploring the wonders of my country, and I would love to share it with other people and convince them to experience the majestic paradise that The Philippines has to offer!

2. Make new friends! 

Traveling alone opens the doors to make yourself friendlier and it allows for finding it in yourself to open up more to people. I think it’s a beautiful thing how people, who have never met before or who are from very different countries from across the globe, manage to become friends during traveling, and even stay friends even after they’ve each gone back to their home country, or to another destination. I think that making foreign friends is the best way to learn different cultures and really understanding different kinds of people from all over the globe. 

Hostels are great for this!

3. Get out there, be brave!

Traveling opens doors to trying out new things and I think that this would be a great opportunity to document all the things that I’m willing to try, albeit some might be scary even for a thrill-seeker like me, and possibly inspire other people to get out of their comfort zones and be brave and not dwell on the what if’s and could have been’s.

Want to read more about my insights on traveling and Big Blog Exchange? Check out my previous blog posts about it!

Let’s hope and pray that I get to embark on this beautiful journey! Five more days until we find out! 😀

Caffeine Chronicles: Local Edition Coffee & Tea

New wave coffee shops seem to be on the rise these days with more and more people getting introduced to better versions (in terms of preparation) of coffee, a far cry from the generic, overly commercialized brands that people often see in every corner. 

Late last year and early this year, I sworn off entertaining coffee in my system because it seemed like I depended on it too much. I actually lasted a good 6 months (with just occasional blends consumed very rarely), before these artisanal coffee shops started popping up and let’s just say that my inner coffee junkie couldn’t resist.

Earlier today, my friend and I decided to pay a visit to one of the new players in the artisanal coffee shop wave around our area, Local Edition.



I get drawn so easily to nicely arranged indoor potted plants!


I actually wanted to sit outside but it was raining when we arrived.


Pretty buntings!


We both got Deviled Egg Salad (which was good! But nothing too special) and then I also ordered a more filling grub which was their Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Can I just say that when I first bit into the sandwich, I instantly smiled? True to its name, it’s so gooey and cheesy in all the right places! I’m definitely coming back to this place for future grilled cheese cravings. I washed everything down with a hot Cappuccino



Local Edition is worth a visit, especially if you’re game to break the monotony in your coffee routine and is looking for something new in the coffee department. They’re located at 116 Perea St. Legaspi Village, Makati City 😀

**Watch out for future Caffeine Chronicles**

The Travel Bucket List

I think that when people travel, they acquire this unexplainable urge to do things that they never really consider doing in their own country. Like having this random surge of bravery and the guts to, forgive me but I’m going to use it, “YOLO.” 

I have to admit, I have my fair share of things I want to tick off when I go abroad, and some of these things might not be as crazy, but for someone with a personality like mine (who is so awkward for my life), these are relatively big steps haha. Here are some of those things:

The Big Blog Exchange 2014 is currently on deliberation right now and I am praying really hard to be included in the 16 bloggers that will embark on this 10-day adventure and share cultural understanding through the power of blogging! I hope I get picked and tick off the things on my travel bucket list!

Looking For Ligaya


Because I waited until I had the actual CD in my hands before I listened to any of the songs. I wanted it to feel like the yesteryears. That unexplainable bliss of popping that disc in your player, hearing that glorious plastic spin as you wait for the first song to play. 

The verdict?

I found ligaya within the first few beats.

Bringing Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch Home With Me

I just realized that I don’t have an exam tomorrow so YAY! Just a quick blog update. Tomorrow is the last day for voting for THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE 2014. 

Help me gain back my place in the Top 25 bloggers in Asia & Oceania and I will love you forever (and ever and ever and ever…it’s a lovely nighttttt~ *if you got this reference, you, my man, are cool*)

Throughout the duration of the contest, I actually blogged a wee bit about it and you can all read about ‘em on the list below!

Please, please, please (let me let me let me get what I want this time~), rally up the troops, ask your friends and family to spare a few minutes (seriously, 5 minutes!) of their time to vote for me. It would really mean a lot if all of you will be able to help in sending me to my next big adventure!

If I win, I’ll send you all postcards sprinkled with gold flakes and unicorn’s breath. Yeah? *Nudge-nudge*

And if by some miracle they send me to the UK, I’ll bring Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch back home with me :))))))

*click on the photo above to go to my voting page. Don’t forget to check your email and click the confirmation link to make your votes count*

Thank you, citizens of the interweb!

Want More Superlexi?

Hello, citizens of the internet! I’m currently on my self-imposed (and making me guilty) break from studying for my midterms right now. I might not be able to blog as much this week, so here are a few reminders:

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Also, I’m encouraging all of you to vote for me for THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE 2014! I’ve dropped significantly in the rankings, but I shan’t give up! Help me gain back my place in the Top 25 bloggers in Asia & Oceania. Pretty please with a rainbow unicorn on top? Voting ends THIS WEDNESDAY (September 3) so let’s rally up the troops! 

Thank you to everyone who voted and continually support my quest for the next big adventure!

For now, I must face this love-hate relationship I have with my reviewers.