Went to my college friend Kathleen’s debut last Saturday! I’m totally not a party-debut person but I’m glad I came. Met lots of new people from her high school who is affiliated to Alinne (super close high school friend) because they used to study at the same grade school. So cool 8D

Peer family! Not complete though 😦

I was included in Kath’s 18 candles and I was totally unprepared even if I was informed weeks before the party! Did an impromptu speech for her which I think turned out pretty well considering the fact that I was unprepared! (The wide angle lens totally deformed our heads LOL)

(left photo: before the party. right photo: 18 candles speech!)

This coming Saturday, I’m going out again for my dearest friend’s 18th birthday celebration! I love her dearly~ *ahem…Mikan…ahem* LOL ❤ So, do watch out for that post next!

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