Went to Alabang Town Center today with Jessa and Krystle to hang out. Too bad Clarissa and Kei weren’t around T^T. Ate at Fish & Co. for lunch. I brought along my new FUJI Instax Mini 7S that I just got that morning (thanks Joni of Polaroid Philippines!). Above are the first 3 polaroid shots from the camera~

Forever Best Fish ‘n Chips in Town! I always order this when I eat there haha. We all ordered the same thing, btw! Also, randomly spotted Patrick Sugui of PBB Teen (the latest one) as he and his friends sat behind me LOL. Suddenly remembered my friend Ria (oh hai if yurr reading this~).

We basically just roamed around doing nothing but stare at pretty things in random stores /bored. We mostly stayed in Serenitea and just chatted about random things. *cough* professors *cough* hot professors *cough* HAHA. Overall, this day was still fun despite being incomplete (yet again). I was hoping to end 2010 with my complete barkada, but oh well. Hopefully, next year, we have more hang-outs that have all 5 members present! TEXT/REPLY/CHAT PLEZ.

And I leave you guys with a picture of our feet. HAHA.

(c) All pictures from Jessa‘s camera! (because I left mine at home since I was carrying my *still* unnamed Instax with me~)


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