Went on a “date” (LOL) today with the Dilig brothers haha. Their parents won’t be around until Tuesday so Rafa asked me if I could go out. We’re all bored kids so, what the heck. Met up at Serenitea and ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea~

Sat near the fountain near Powerbooks to finish my drink. Chatted for a while and I took this picture of a random boy playing with the fountain haha. Artsy kuno~ Went to Powerbooks and spent at least an hour(?) there, I think, just browsing random books and talking about authors and their styles and whatnot. Was being taunted by the Neil Gaiman graphic novels!

Left RM at EGG because he wanted to play. Totally ruined our attempt to at least make him stay away from a computer the whole day. LOL. Then Rafa and I was supposed to watch a movie, but the time didn’t fit our schedule so, that didn’t pan out. Went to the grocery to buy chocolates, and then to NBS to buy wrapping materials. After that we just went to the foodcourt because he wanted to try those spiral thingymajingies that we kept on seeing around hahaha.

Happy kid is happy with his spiral thingymajingy haha.

Mom called already so it was time to go home~

A fail picture of RM because the car was moving and I didn’t get to focus the camera properly haha.

Drove me home and called it a day! Great way to sorta celebrate the end of midterms. Going back to school tomorrow though. *sigh*


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