Takaw Tuesday!

Today, Ate Bunny and Kath went to our house for some bonding! We originally planned on eating out for lunch so we went to BF and headed straight to Kenji Tei!

Me (sans my contact lenses, BB cream, and winged eyeliner haha) and Ate Bunny (my Alabang sister~). We were so haggard from commuting (YES! We took the tricycle from my house to Kenji Tei~) because it was so hot outside. The sun was extra high and sizzling hot. Oh, summer.

Kath and Ate Bunny. Janmi and Clarisa were missing 😐

I ordered their famous cheese gyoza. The mayo dipping sauce was really unnecessary. Just eating the gyoza itself is already divine!

Ate Bunny and Kath ordered the regular gyoza.

After minutes of scanning through their menu, Kath got the Miso Tempura Ramen.

Ate Bunny and I both got the Tempura Ramen~

Happy eating kid~

Happy eating kid is now very full~

THE AFTERMATH! HAHA. It was a big bowl~ If I didn’t have the cheesy gyoza on the side, I could’ve finished this. But really, only little remained on my bowl (if you saw it IRL).

Kenji Tei is located along President Ave. at BF Homes Paranaque. It’s beside Flawless.

After eating, we decided to go to Ate Bunny’s place (she’s basically my neighbor haha) to get a few stuff and to chill for a little while. We were trying to recover from our bountiful lunch haha.

BUT ALAS! Our eating didn’t stop there haha. After a few hours of eating lunch, we found ourselves on the dining table again for merienda~ This is a Milo Dinosaur (?) which Ate Bunny made.

Veggie patties! Sadly, I wasn’t able to taste these. I had macaroni salad and tofu calamares instead (which I failed to take a picture of!).

After eating, we went back to my place to play (no, not toys, kids. With serious tools related to our course!), bond, and share stories. We drove Kath to ATC by 6:30pm, and then our date official ended by around 7:30pm. I love this day! Just semi-spontaneous days like these are fun~ I’m looking forward to another one ❤


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