On Cute Grandmas and Birthday Candles

Today, we celebrated my lola’s 88th birthday! We all went out to eat lunch at Gloria Maris, a Chinese restaurant that my lola loves so much

Black gulaman will forever be my favorite Chinese restaurant drink haha.

I failed to take a picture of the other food that were served. Knowing how families are, when there’s awesome food, all you gotta do is just eat, eat, and eat some more!

Gotta love my cousins! Hahaha.

Cousin love! (Top L-R): my older brother, me (Bottom L-R): Chrissy (my older brother’s girlfriend), my younger brother, my cousin Ate Tin, and my other cousin Kuya Hyam.

My brother and his girlfriend ❤ (blurry picture bec this was the time the desserts came! LOL)

Lola and her children (that are in the country). We all went to our house after eating so lola could blow out her cake and sing ‘happy birthday’ of course!

Obligatory family picture~ ❤ Happy Birthday, lola!

And of course there’s also an obligatory polaroid photo with the cutest lola ever~ ❤

PS: Didn’t put frames on my photos anymore~ trying something new.


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