Last Foodtrip Friday…..for now!

Today was the last Foodtrip Friday….for now. Starting next term, ze bff’s schedule at school every Friday is up to 9pm, thus, making it impossible for us to hold our monthy Foodtrip Fridays 😦

We went to Kenji Tei for lunch (because ze bff wants to try the miso tempura ramen).

I ordered (yet again) the tempura ramen!

Miso tempura ramen. Even though it was an extremely hot day, we still opted to get ramen :))

I was supposed to wear a purple shirt today (I was actually wearing one already!) but then right before leaving the house, I decided to change to a white shirt. If I ended up not changing though, we would’ve been out today in matching purple shirts! So Bieber =))

Anyway, we headed to ATC for desserts. We were looking for that oreo place but we failed, so we just opted for Golden Spoon (for the nth time!).

Forever cotton candy sprinkles……not for me! I chose belgian chocolate this time.

After that we just roamed around, dropped my 120mm rolls to Digiprint then went to Powerbooks to make fun of language books. RUSSIAN FTW! We decided to learn one language every year. Drew decided on learning Spanish (he already started studying online!) and he suggested I learn German (because I actually cannot speak the language fluently! HAHA. Oh, the irony). Anyway, after that we went to Rustan’s and explored a portion that sold drinking games :)) We also randomly found this battery operated octopus massager and we seriously fell in love with it! Decided on getting each other one for our birthday! LOL. Then, I stopped for a Serenitea break (LONG LINE IS LOOOONG), went to Dimensione to buy the things above, and then headed home already.

It was a fun day, in its simplest form. Just random conversations about different things, oh, and we also rated the people who passed us….based on their hotness haha. Fun, fun day. We’re going to wait until we’ll be able to do this again. It might get replaced with WOMBO WEDNESDAYS though haha.


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