19th Year of Respiration (Part 2)

After my Oral Anatomy class, my dad fetched me from school so we could go to Resorts World and eat at my new favorite restaurant! Mr. Kurosawa! Same owner as John and Yoko (which I’ve blogged about eating at before with Jessa and the ‘boys,’ bff Drew and also with Rafa).

I didn’t get to eat anything the whole day (only a pack of Hello Panda + a stick of Yan-Yan (LOL) during my short break so imagine my immense hunger! WARNING: Major food photo spam coming your way!

We actually ordered multiple orders of some of the food above! Hungryyyyyy~

My awesome parents~ ❤

Went home right after so that everyone can do their workload for the night (studying/hw for the kiddos!). When I got home and logged on to my computer, I was happy to see a lot of greetings on my Facebook wall as well as on Twitter. Happy vibes!

WAS ABLE TO CHAT WITH KRYSTLE AFTER SO LONG! I missed her so much! It’s such a rare moment when she goes online hahaha. I’m glad I got to talk to her for more than an hour! I enjoyed our conversation very much and I hope to see her this weekend 🙂 Little trivia: she changes her profile picture every year during my birthday season since we get a group picture with all members of our barkada in it 😀

Got to chat with Rafa also (who rarely goes online as well since school year 2010-2011) who greeted me thrice today: through text at around 12mn, at school, and on chat. Had a short version of our old soundtrip sessions again (flashback to 2009!) back when we would start talking online from 9pm up to 3 in the morning! Good times. Shall be continued next time since he had to do his homework and I figured I should study for Biochem also.

This was such a taxing day but I’m glad things got better after school. Despite the workload, I got to spend it with awesome people which was what made the day special.

So here’s a gif of how I feel right now haha. Thank you to everyone who made me feel special todayyyyyy! I’m so kilig

PS: Should I cut my hair this short? :))

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