Impulse buying at its best. I got out of school early today so I decided to roam around the mall alone after having lunch with my awesome friends. Went to Zara to see what they have on sale and I didn’t really like much of the stuff they had (too much color blocking-inspired outfits which really aren’t my thing. Still stuck to my blacks and grays haha). I went to National Bookstore to buy things I needed for school instead, and then I spotted this whole table of Moleskine notebooks. I’ve been eyeing the Moleskine planner for the longest time now just because I’m not a fan of those too decorative-ish planners with too much detail on it. I like plain ones and making my writing as the art. I am also quite aware of the price that comes with Moleskine planners/notebooks. However, I don’t know what kind of shopping-crazy entity possessed me at that time, but it just had me grab the notebook and go to the counter to pay immediately. Just like that. I spent over PHP 1k for a notebook. The reaction of the lady from the counter as she punched my purchase was priceless haha. She thought she had a mistake because she couldn’t believe that a notebook could actually cost that much. Well to justify my purchase, my friends are very much aware that I really do use planners as often as I think about camera expenses (I think about ‘em all the timeeeee), so this will totally not go to waste. Plus, it’s an 18-month planner. It’s gonna last me until December 2012! Suck that, Starbucks! LOL.


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