A Guide to Korean Convenience Store Finds: Ice-Cream (Part 1)

The 1st reason why I frequently visited the nearby Korean convenience store was because of their ice-cream! Korean ice-cream, in my opinion, is one of the most awesome ice-creams in Asia! The wide array of flavors and types is just so tempting – it will make you try everything one by one! Now, I’m gonna cover the basic and most common ones that are *almost* always available in the freezer~

1. Lotte Double Bianco

This one is basically just like strawberry sundae. It’s pretty decent but it lacks that strawberry flavor. It almost just tastes like vanilla. Also, if you’re wondering how you’re gonna eat this, see that red part of the cup at the bottom? Pull it down and it houses a foldable plastic spoon~

2. Lotte 수박 ice-cream

“Subak ba” or “Watermelon ice-cream” is one of the popular ice-creams in Korea because of its fun and distinct shape that almost looks like a real frozen watermelon. The “seeds” of the ice-cream are actually chocolate-covered nuts. It’s sweet and it does taste like watermelon, but not the fruit. The watermelon taste you get is reminiscent of watermelon syrups. Almost candy like.

3.  Lotte 雪見だいふく (Yukimi Daifuku)

While it is considered more Japanese than Korean, 雪見だいふく can be found in a Korean convenience store (it’s made by Lotte after all!). It’s basically just mochi ice-cream. It consists of a ball of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of mochi, or rice cake. This is actually one of my unique finds while I was digging up the huge ice-cream freezer of my favorite ahjumma‘s store (they’re all so friendly and I miss her (ahjumma) to bits because she’s now in Korea receiving treatment HUHU </3). I love how I don’t have to wait for the mochi to soften first before I take a bite because it doesn’t go through that insane rock-hard-solid state that frustrates me so much because I wanna eat my ice-cream maaaan. LOL.

4. 녹차마루 (Nokcha Maru)

MY FAVORITE GREEN TEA ICE-CREAM. It tastes just right. Unlike others that have that unpleasantly strong “leafy” taste, this ice-cream tastes very light and refreshing, just like how green tea should be like.

5. Lotte 설레임

When I went grocery shopping, the original Milkshake flavor (which I actually blogged about ages ago) wasn’t available, so let’s just stick to the next best thing – Coffee flavor! Here is the CF to further understand this ice-cream haha. It’s more like drinking a smoothie than eating an ice-cream. It’s available in 3 flavors now such as cookies & cream, coffee, and the original milkshake flavor. This ice-cream belongs to my Top 5 fave!


Omo~ the legendary and most famous Melona! Manufactured by Binggrae, this is the very basic Korean ice-cream that you will ever encounter in your life. People’s love for Korean ice-cream usually starts after trying out this one. It’s a melon-flavored ice-cream with a creamy consistency. That’s what I love about most Korean ice-creams actually – they’re not icy (like other lame ones which just tastes like frozen punch) and it doesn’t melt right away. I have converted a lot of my friends to loving Korean ice-cream through Melona~

7. 더위사냥

Manufactured by Binggrae, 더위사냥 is basically like frozen coffee (like that of #4 above) but the difference is that it has a more icy consistency and it comes in this paper tube. One perk about it is you could split it in half while it’s still frozen and share it with a friend.


So that’s PART 1 of my guide to Korean ice-cream! I’ll be doing PART 2 when I get back to the grocery store. It will feature different Korean ice-cream waffles of some sort and ice pops that come in plastic tubes~ (ya’ll know what I’m talking about, right? LOL).


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