F for Food

February, I have noticed, has been all about food. I am constantly seen eating out (and happily doing so, I might add) and I regret nothing! Remember how it all started with Soderno after the run with Rafa, Pancake House with my classmates, followed by Bulgogi Brothers with the fab fam. My friends hate me for my insanely fast metabolism haha. Anyway, here’s a loooong post about my eating adventures with friends~ Note: This is a photo-heavy post!

1. Roses? Chocolates? I choose kimchi!

Last Valentine’s day, le single amigos and I decided to go out together and eat at an awesome Korean restaurant near Bel-Air. Let’s just say that we drowned in the generous servings of unlimited Korean banchan (side dishes) and our 3 platters of samgyupsal, kimbap, ttokbokki, japchae, and my bibimbap. Totally better than any romantic date haha.

2. Spasms of a kilig boy.

Semi-spontaneous day with my elementary/high school friend, Donn! We planned to go out for milktea the day before but the rest of the adventure after that was totally unplanned. He picked me up at school after my class and only told me in the car that we will be going to his girlfriend right after getting milktea. Being a very supportive friend like that, I couldn’t pass this chance to witness him get all kilig by his antics and cheesiness haha. What was supposed to be only a milktea date became a chicken rice+floss sandwich+milktea+city adventure day.

3. Old friends and new friends

I’d say, Andrea is the main person whom I recently have been going out with to eat. We’re always caught eating together and she blames me for her extra weight but she still can’t resist my persuasions haha. This day, we went to Starbucks to hopefully study for our anatomy quiz (which didn’t happen btw. The studying, I mean haha) right before meeting up with her high school best friend. After Starbucks, we all headed to this taco place nearby to try it for the first time. Another person saw  the “….unfathomable depth of Lexi’s stomach.” Haha.

4. Collective eating~

After class, Andrea (yet again!) and I decided to eat lunch together. While contemplating on where to head to, she suddenly remembered how I raved about this ramen place (Wabi Sabi) at The Collective and she wanted to try it. So away we went~ Tummies = satisfied! But it didn’t end there. We still headed to Mochiko for desserts!

There’s still a few pending food stories to share but I’ll save that for next time. Most photos are taken using my phone’s camera (hence, the low quality). Happy eating, folks! 🙂


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