Happy Sunday

And here comes the food blogger in me *again* I don’t know what is up with me and taking photos of food. They’re just such awesome subjects! Sunday day-out with the fab fam~

And then I went to my happy place~ I swear I could live in here forever. I could stay here for a whole day and never get bored. There’s so much books to read and discover, not to mention the awesome stash of music at the top floor. I’ve always enjoyed going here for years already. I wish I lived near this magical place! I know I’m supposed to be on a self-imposed book ban, but screw it! I couldn’t resist not leaving empty-handed. I noticed that I tend to buy new books when I’m already halfway on the current book that I’m reading. It’s my half-a-story syndrome! Which then leads me to a pile of unfinished books. I guess it’s my defense mechanism for separation anxiety induced by mindblowingly awesome books. I don’t really mind going back and forth different books all at the same time. It’s like catching up on old TV shows, only with a good old smell of paperback as an added bonus.

I might go back here on Saturday to buy the rest of the books that I was eyeing a while ago after my bff date with Drew at The Mind Museum! 


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