Book Wishlist #2

Continuing my love for books, here’s another book wishlist! I am now nearing a financial slump due to constantly buying books this summer break and the sad thing about it is that I keep on wanting more! I want to build up my life’s library so I will always have something to read (Looking For Alaska reference!). I realized that 4 from these aren’t really “reading” books, but I don’t care haha. I saw a boxed set of those Keri Smith journals last week and I just wanted to go ahead and buy them but I figured I’ll just put it on my birthday wishlist haha. Btw, I made a list this afternoon of the books that I’ve read since I was 13 (because let’s face it, the books I’ve read before that age didn’t even make that much sense) and I’m planning to reach a certain number before I turn 30, 40, 50 and hopefully I’ve read a thousand before I die. Consider this as a part of my bucket list!

This year’s number of books read goal is 30. Originally 50 but with my tight academic schedule, I know I would fail, so I went ahead and settled with a smaller number. I’m on my 10th book and I’m hoping to reach 15 before I go back to school and then I would probably read the last half this October and December for semestral break and Christmas break respectively.

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