School Essentials 101: My Lab Table

It’s not really a requirement for every dentistry student to have a designated work table at home for lab works. Quite frankly, I don’t use it that much. But when the time actually comes that I need one, it is very useful. 

Say hello to my lab table. It’s the similar kind that you could find at the “lab area” in front of the clinic at 3rd floor so yes, it reminds me a lot of school. Here lies all those %^#@&! dental materials that I have to deal with for school.

Yesterday, I started cleaning up my desk and drawers and throwing away all the stuff that I wouldn’t be needing anymore (ahem..expired modeling compounds..) to free up some space. I also pulled out all the receipts I have from DMD1 until now and made some sort of an inventory on Excel.

Speaking of dental materials, 2 people dropped me a message on my ask box to ask about ‘em. I assume that they are juniors of mine at school who are just about to start the *real* journey to dentistry.

Hi! =) I just wanna ask where can you buy a set of natural teeth? I’m kinda having a hard time finding stores where they sell one. It would really mean a lot. Thank you! P.S. I’m a Dentistry student too 🙂

Hi po! Can i ask something? Ilang days po ang grace period ng mga profs para makabili kayo ng required materials? 😀 and saan po kayo malimit bumili ng mga materials? thanks! aaand, saan po nakakahanap ng natural teeth? Sorry po kung maraming tanong. thanks po!

  1. Professors expect you to have the things by next meeting (since it will take a week before the next. Only 1 subject per day!…usually)
  2. I buy dental materials from various places. Quiapo (New Citizen’s, Centro, Medsurdent..etc..) and Mendiola (ECR). There are also dental conventions every year such as NADTI where you could buy dental supplies for cheap.
  3. I usually buy my set of natural teeth from Kuya Marvin (ask your upperclassmen, they know who he is!) from Mendiola. Expect it to be very expensive since there are a lot of dentistry students, but very little supply of teeth. Don’t forget to check before buying! It shouldn’t have any caries or restorations.

Do no fret, young ninjas. You will soon learn gradually. 

PS: To incoming DMD’s: Please don’t ask me to list all my dental materials because you (and I) will go nuts. As the weeks go by, you will learn a lot. Don’t be in a hurry to buy everything, because trust me, there will come a point when you would wish that you could just stop buying everything. Just hit me up on Facebook if you want me to *somehow* enlighten you.


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