It’s Only Been A Week Of School And…

…I’m already exhausted. It feels like there’s so much weight on my chest. It’s like I want everything to be perfect and when it’s not following this schedule that I mentally implemented, I feel really heavy inside. Buuuut one of my school aphorisms this year is to stop whining and just keep going so what the heck. Here’s a list of things to do TONIGHT!

  • Finalize my Pharmacology homework.
  • Study my MIMS abbreviation index AGAIN. Just to make sure that I haven’t forgotten what I’ve memorized.
  • Copy the manual for General Pathology so I could return the original one earlier back to my professor.
  • Retype my General Pathology notes from this morning.
  • Try to find out if my Oral Physiology professor will be around tomorrow.
  • Fix my materials for Restorative Dentistry.
  • Brush up on my Oral Anatomy.

And timer starts………….NOW.


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