Whovian Haul Part 2!

Another Whovian haul! I’m still not over the 50th Anniversary special, which I’ve watched 6 times already (I can now dub 1/4 of the entire episode!) and I know it’s still not enough. So to feed my Whovian heart until the Christmas special comes out, here are new additions to my slowly growing Doctor Who collection!

DOCTOR MUG! All 11 of them (“No sir, all thirteen!” HOHOHOHO) plus the TARDIS! I was torn between this and the one with just the different versions of the TARDIS. I figured that it was easy to come across a TARDIS mug anyway, so I opted for this little cutie~ I found out they also released a Dalek version (would’ve totally gotten that too!) but it wasn’t available yet when I dropped by the store. I’m still hoping to get the official TARDIS-shaped mug!

Doctor Who badges! 11th and Clara. At first, I didn’t like Clara that much (The Ponds’ goodbye was too heartbreaking to even imagine a new companion taking their place) but now I kinda like her. Her fashion sense? Totally what I would wear IRL.

I also got two new shirts! A TARDIS shirt and a Dalek shirt! The Dalek shirt was a wee bit pricey so even if I wanted to buy all the DW themed shirts in that store, I couldn’t -__- So, thank you mother for sponsoring! Haha.

With Christmas coming, I could only think of Doctor Who goodies for my wish list!

And also, Christmas….CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! I can’t wait to show you guys the outfit I chose for this Christmas (Hint: it’s inspired by Clara Oswald!). As excited as I am for this episode, it’s also so heartbreaking that Matt Smith is leaving the show. But, I am still hopeful and I know I will love Capaldi just as much 🙂 


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