Sherlock: The Empty Hearse (aka FANFICTION on TV!)

It has been more then 24 hours since I’ve seen the new episode of Sherlock (Season 3, Episode 1) entitled The Empty Hearse which was written by Mark Gatiss. After two years of agony and waiting, highly induced by that unbelievable cliffhanger which reduced fans of the show as masters of deduction to produce absurd theories about the big mystery: HOW did Sherlock fake his death?” we were greeted by this wonderful episode to start our year in the sexiest most badass way c/o Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones.

{SPOILERS under the cut}

We were greeted by that awesome sequence presenting an explanation to how Sherlock faked his death. Trust me when I say that I absolutely bloody lost it on the first 2 minutes of the show. I’m sure a lot of the fans would agree that one particular scene just blew my mind like BWOOOSH. And for all the fangirls out there, don’t try to deny that you had the MollyXSherlock kiss on loop! (on second thought, why would you deny it in the first place? Raise that fangirl flag up proud!) Damn, that hair ruffle was sexy. (Side note: Louise Brealey was absolutely hilarious on twitter. #Sherlocksnogs and all that jazz. Lucky, lucky woman)

Turns out the whole sequence was a big bollocks and was only Anderson’s imagination. Speaking of Anderson, isn’t it totally adorable how he’s now this big fangirl of Sherlock (even if it was driven by guilt), makes up these theories on how he faked his death, even trying to convince Lestrade that Sherlock was behind those solved cases for the past 2 years AND forms a Sherlock fan club. I don’t know about ya’ll but if in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, Osgood was the fandom, in this episode of Sherlock, Anderson was us! Two years of no Sherlock can only do so much to the poor man’s heart! We all know how that felt like. (Also, gif above = gif of the year representing the Sherlock fandom)

On more serious notes, this episode was quite tricky. On the first time that I watched it, I was swimming in a pool of feels and I loved every single moment of it. I wasn’t overanalyzing anything and was just basking at the gloriousness of this episode. But after a few times of watching it, I started to notice how Sherlock changed a lot in this episode. He smiles more, he’s less mean to people, and he’s just more…human. He’s so out of character sometimes but I guess that’s what two years of isolation does to someone. 

It’s also quite evident that this episode was more character-driven rather than plot-driven because it was trying to reestablish the relationships that existed two years ago and we were being reintroduced to these characters. It was lacking in deduction sequences that Sherlock is famous for but then again, I’m not complaining. 

It’s safe to say that this whole episode was like a dream. Like fanfiction on TV. Except that it was real. It was a real episode of Sherlock. I swear, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat probably spent the last two years on tumblr, reading fanfiction and browsing fan art because that episode was a bloody treat. They were paying homage to the fans who stuck around for two years and just passed the time off making up theories until we get the real details. Except we didn’t get the real details.

It wasn’t actually explained how Sherlock faked his death. There were just a lot of theories thrown in an episode. And maybe there’s a little bit of truth in each and if we combined those we get the real score. But were you also like me who didn’t really mind that they didn’t touch on that in full detail? Everyone’s a critic, as Sherlock said, and I think that they feel like no explanation that they will ever present will be as good as what some fans have come up with for the past two years, and they’d like to leave it at that.

I know my favorite theory though….




{gifs not mine}


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