Book-a-Trip: Places from books that I want to visit (PART 1)


It is a truth universally acknowledged that….I am a book nerd. I read a lot of books, I collect a lot of books, I *hoard* a lot of books. My TBR pile is a never-ending line-up of four books to infinity. Books are the food to my soul.

Reading allows me to travel, soaring through the sky through words that were interwoven brilliantly, cruising down the sea to places, so colorful and vivid, that only literary geniuses can achieve.

Books became my inspiration for joining The Big Blog Exchange 2014. Different stories from books happen in different places and the only way I really *go* to these places are solely through relying on the authors’ way of describing them. And although most of them do a pretty swell job at taking me there, I feel like it’s time for me to see these places myself. It’s time that I try to weave words that are colorful and vivid to take you to these places, wherever you may be. 

And with that, here are some novels which are set in certain places that I would be thrilled to visit one day!

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – FRANCE.


Ah, Stephanie Perkins. A wonderful lady who writes what falling in love for the first time should feel like. It was only this year that I started reading her novels (Isla and the Happily Ever After comes out this August!) and I’m glad I did! Anna and the French Kiss is set in Paris, France and Stephanie managed to describe the place in a way that it felt almost like home by how warm and fuzzy her descriptions were. (Fun Fact! In a book-signing that I attended at, she mentioned that she was able to incorporate details of these places and describe them so clearly just through books! She was a librarian at that time and had access to an endless amount of research material). Some of the places mentioned in the book that I would like to visit are:


  • Notre Dame Cathedral (touching Kilometer Zero was a very symbolic thing in the story), 
  • Shakespeare & Co. (any excuse to go to a bookstore is good enough for me), 
  • the Pantheon (because influential historical people!), 
  • Jardin du Luxembourg (if you’ve read the book, being here would send you fluttery feels), 
  • Cinema Le Champo (for that much-needed relaxing alone time) 
  • Arc de Triomphe, 
  • La Seine
  • Château de Versailles (most excited about this!)
  • Musee de Louvre 
  • And of course, The Eiffel Tower

(source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source)

There are so much more to see in France and I would gladly walk around this place and soak up the culture, art and, history. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find my very own Etienne St. Clair!

2. The Fault In Our Stars – AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS.


Ah, yes. The book that left thousands of people curling up in ball, bawling their eyes out. John Green writes stories that just tugs your heart..a wee bit harder than others. The Fault In Our Stars, for me, houses John’s most coherent writing style (but Looking For Alaska still remains my favorite from him!). In the book, there are certain *crucial* and *symbolic* scenes that take place in Amsterdam and I cannot tell you enough how much this book made me want to fly my butt to Amsterdam and see it for myself. Here are some of the places from TFIOS that I would definitely like to visit:


(source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source)

  • Vondelpark (it’s regarded as one of the most gorgeous parks in the world! I would love to see it for myself. This is along Vondelstraat, a street where Peter Van Houten lives).
  • Vondelstraat (the street where the residence of the author of The Imperial Affliction, the book that Hazel and Gus obsess over, is located. And although the house mentioned in the book does not exist, the house in John Green’s vlog is actually the black one with the white stripes on it!)
  • Hotel de Filosoof (one of Amsterdam’s interesting hotels because each room is different and furnished with different philosophical and cultural styles)
  • The canals (Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht are the 3 main canals in Amsterdam)
  • And of course, the Anne Frank House (the house that was Anne Frank’s hiding place during the WWII. It’s a museum now and it is where Hazel and Gus kissed)

These are only a minute amount of places that you can visit in Amsterdam. There’s so much more to see, so much more to visit and just thinking about it makes me so thrilled and excited! I definitely need to visit different museums. I would also want a chance to visit various bookstores in Amsterdam (I mean, visiting local bookstores is always part of the itinerary, right?). I know I’ll be giddy with TFIOS feels the moment I step foot here.

3. A Game of Thrones – CROATIA.


If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, been following me on various social media sites, or more importantly, if you’re someone who knows me in real life, then you will know, most definitely, without a speck of doubt, that I am a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire a.k.a. Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin created a world that is so huge and intricately detailed, and bursting in incredible history. Although the world in itself is fictional, the HBO show based on the books do a magnificent job at bringing Westeros to life. Most of the scenes in the show take place in Croatia. Here are some of the places that I would like to explore (and possibly rule) in Croatia:


(source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source // source )

  • Dubrovnik is the main location for Game of Thrones filming and it serves as King’s Landing. As a book reader, it looks the part so perfectly!
  • Lovrijenac Fortress – this is generally known in the fandom as King’s Landing’s Red Keep. The bay in front of the fortress is where the Battle of the Blackwater took place!
  • Pile Gate – this is where Joffrey gets thrown a generous scoop of dung to his face, and then a riot began.
  • Reactor’s Palace – served as the interior for the Qarth palace.
  • Arboretum Trsteno – used as the garden in King’s Landing where important conversations and schemes take place.
  • Minceta Tower – this played the part of House of Undying.
  • Lokrum – this island served as the set for Qarth.

These are just some of the key places in Croatia that served as the perfect locations to give life to my favorite high fantasy series. I’m sure that by the time I get to go to these locations, I’ll be whipping my phone out just to check the exact positions where the scenes took place, rewatching the show all over again (and a wee bit of reenactment is bound to happen, for sure. You can’t blame the fangirl in me!).

Part two of this series will be up by some time this week! Stay tuned and don’t forget to support my wanderlust dreams by voting for me on The Big Blog Exchange 2014 by clicking on the photo below to get you to my profile. Click vote for me and enter your email address. You will receive an email to confirm your vote so it can be counted. It would mean so much to me! Thank you to everyone who has already voted, and to my friends who have shared links on their social media sites. Your support warms my heart 🙂



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