She’s Thunderstorms: On August’s Erratic Life Weather

Yeah *points at the photo above* I can be very narcissistic sometimes. 

August is almost over and it was relatively eventful. I mean, I’ve been living a very stagnant and mundane life for the past couple of months, with only a few spurts of excitement here and there, so who knew that a month can actually change your perspective in life, and it can happen all too fast?

Here’s a rundown of my August 2014:

  • My quest for the Big Blog Exchange 2014 continues! Support me by voting HERE.
  • I actually tweeted I wanna live a life that is simple yet interesting, it’s worth being in HONY” a day before HONY became this sort of an inside joke for the month.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. My sci-fi junkie self is elated, and also thrilled because that soundtrack. That. Soundtrack.
  • Feeling the feels like a giddy high school girl. 
  • Getting a little folky with a new cover
  • Finally got to visit Magnum Opus! And their very own TARDIS!
  • Badass surgeries!
  • Letters to the Future. One of the most thought-provoking 30 minutes of my life. You can say that it changed me to a certain degree. I learned that it’s okay to still not know what you want in life. As millennials, we tend to believe that by this time we should’ve already figured our life out and when that’s not the case, we feel dejected. But this film made me realize that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel lost because it’s when everything’s dark that it becomes easier to spot where the real light is coming from. Read my entry about Letters to the Future HERE!
  • I think I’ve discussed in front of the class a lot this month. My ability to pick a random number from the bowl has lead to this inconvenient timing of reports. But at least I’m done!
  • Dental missions!
  • Very spontaneous and very fun times with the tooth fairies~
  • Pamper day with Kath! Brought her to my derma for a facial, ate lunch at Sam Won, and had desserts at our favorite cupcake place, Larcy’s!
  • Best friends reunion! It has been so long since we’ve seen each other, and so the stars aligned for the perfect day to stuff ourselves with food, feel the feels, and just literally be as random as we can be. 
  • I learned firsthand that self-doubt is the root of all evil and that you shouldn’t let anyone fill you up with self-deprecating thoughts because you will break. I swear, you will. So stop and take a step back, smooth your shirt, brush your hair back, step forward again and start loving yourself a wee bit more.
  • I got to know myself more this month. I discovered my limits, things I do and don’t like, and that when you ultimately find someone who embraces your random idiosyncrasies without pretense and still find you eminently charming, that’s when you know. When you truly know.

We still have 6 days left of August and from what I learned, things can still drastically change within that short period of time. How was your August? Tell me about it on my ask!


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