Want More Superlexi?

Hello, citizens of the internet! I’m currently on my self-imposed (and making me guilty) break from studying for my midterms right now. I might not be able to blog as much this week, so here are a few reminders:

Want more updates from me? (or not. Whatever floats your boat, man) Follow me on my favorite place on the internet: instagram!

My instagram handle is @lexibadenhop

You can also follow me on Twitter under the same handle @lexibadenhop

Also, I’m encouraging all of you to vote for me for THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE 2014! I’ve dropped significantly in the rankings, but I shan’t give up! Help me gain back my place in the Top 25 bloggers in Asia & Oceania. Pretty please with a rainbow unicorn on top? Voting ends THIS WEDNESDAY (September 3) so let’s rally up the troops! 

Thank you to everyone who voted and continually support my quest for the next big adventure!

For now, I must face this love-hate relationship I have with my reviewers.


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