The Travel Bucket List

I think that when people travel, they acquire this unexplainable urge to do things that they never really consider doing in their own country. Like having this random surge of bravery and the guts to, forgive me but I’m going to use it, “YOLO.” 

I have to admit, I have my fair share of things I want to tick off when I go abroad, and some of these things might not be as crazy, but for someone with a personality like mine (who is so awkward for my life), these are relatively big steps haha. Here are some of those things:

The Big Blog Exchange 2014 is currently on deliberation right now and I am praying really hard to be included in the 16 bloggers that will embark on this 10-day adventure and share cultural understanding through the power of blogging! I hope I get picked and tick off the things on my travel bucket list!


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