Caffeine Chronicles: Local Edition Coffee & Tea

New wave coffee shops seem to be on the rise these days with more and more people getting introduced to better versions (in terms of preparation) of coffee, a far cry from the generic, overly commercialized brands that people often see in every corner. 

Late last year and early this year, I sworn off entertaining coffee in my system because it seemed like I depended on it too much. I actually lasted a good 6 months (with just occasional blends consumed very rarely), before these artisanal coffee shops started popping up and let’s just say that my inner coffee junkie couldn’t resist.

Earlier today, my friend and I decided to pay a visit to one of the new players in the artisanal coffee shop wave around our area, Local Edition.



I get drawn so easily to nicely arranged indoor potted plants!


I actually wanted to sit outside but it was raining when we arrived.


Pretty buntings!


We both got Deviled Egg Salad (which was good! But nothing too special) and then I also ordered a more filling grub which was their Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Can I just say that when I first bit into the sandwich, I instantly smiled? True to its name, it’s so gooey and cheesy in all the right places! I’m definitely coming back to this place for future grilled cheese cravings. I washed everything down with a hot Cappuccino



Local Edition is worth a visit, especially if you’re game to break the monotony in your coffee routine and is looking for something new in the coffee department. They’re located at 116 Perea St. Legaspi Village, Makati City 😀

**Watch out for future Caffeine Chronicles**


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