How can you be so sure? She asked.

He sighed. That’s the thing. I’m not.

She looked confused. Then why are you telling me all these things? Why bother?

He looked at her.

Because you saw me when I wasn’t even trying to be seen.


Food Coma Diaries: Todd English Food Haul

As per the usual Sunday activity, our family was out for brunch (it’s our thing!) and it was to celebrate the birthday of my first love and hero, my dad!


I’ve heard and read a lot about Todd English Food Haul but never really gave it a try before because it’s always so packed! Luck was on our side when we arrived that Sunday because we were the second in line. It was time for some serious food coma action.

You know how sometimes you crave multiple kinds of food? I’m always like that. It’s always a struggle to pick where to dine because my food preferences don’t always belong to the same cuisine. I’m an all-around steak girl. I gotta have my meat, especially lamb. But I’m also really into Japanese food especially sushi rolls. This is where it gets tricky to decide where to eat. 

Todd English Food Hall solves that problem for me!

A Food Hall is a communal dining space with well-curated stalls or food stations. It is NOT a buffet, because you can order from one or any of the stations. It is NOT a food court, because the food is typically handmade, with a cohesive theme. – Our Awesome Planet




T.E. Half Chicken and T.E. Caesar Salad


Tempura Roll and Salmon Roll (May I climb these steps forever?)


Lamb Chops (this is the way to my heart! Too divine!)




Two-Way Duck

We also ordered Shrimp Dumplings but it disappeared faster than you can imagine. 


It was such a fulfilling brunch that I can’t wait to go back! It has successfully invaded my food daydreams. I’m definitely coming back to try the other dishes.

The perpetually hungry kid in me is happy.

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your mismatched cravings, Todd English Food Hall is worth a try.

Visit them at the 5th floor of SM Aura Premier at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 10 AM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun).

She’s Thunderstorms: On August’s Erratic Life Weather

Yeah *points at the photo above* I can be very narcissistic sometimes. 

August is almost over and it was relatively eventful. I mean, I’ve been living a very stagnant and mundane life for the past couple of months, with only a few spurts of excitement here and there, so who knew that a month can actually change your perspective in life, and it can happen all too fast?

Here’s a rundown of my August 2014:

  • My quest for the Big Blog Exchange 2014 continues! Support me by voting HERE.
  • I actually tweeted I wanna live a life that is simple yet interesting, it’s worth being in HONY” a day before HONY became this sort of an inside joke for the month.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. My sci-fi junkie self is elated, and also thrilled because that soundtrack. That. Soundtrack.
  • Feeling the feels like a giddy high school girl. 
  • Getting a little folky with a new cover
  • Finally got to visit Magnum Opus! And their very own TARDIS!
  • Badass surgeries!
  • Letters to the Future. One of the most thought-provoking 30 minutes of my life. You can say that it changed me to a certain degree. I learned that it’s okay to still not know what you want in life. As millennials, we tend to believe that by this time we should’ve already figured our life out and when that’s not the case, we feel dejected. But this film made me realize that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel lost because it’s when everything’s dark that it becomes easier to spot where the real light is coming from. Read my entry about Letters to the Future HERE!
  • I think I’ve discussed in front of the class a lot this month. My ability to pick a random number from the bowl has lead to this inconvenient timing of reports. But at least I’m done!
  • Dental missions!
  • Very spontaneous and very fun times with the tooth fairies~
  • Pamper day with Kath! Brought her to my derma for a facial, ate lunch at Sam Won, and had desserts at our favorite cupcake place, Larcy’s!
  • Best friends reunion! It has been so long since we’ve seen each other, and so the stars aligned for the perfect day to stuff ourselves with food, feel the feels, and just literally be as random as we can be. 
  • I learned firsthand that self-doubt is the root of all evil and that you shouldn’t let anyone fill you up with self-deprecating thoughts because you will break. I swear, you will. So stop and take a step back, smooth your shirt, brush your hair back, step forward again and start loving yourself a wee bit more.
  • I got to know myself more this month. I discovered my limits, things I do and don’t like, and that when you ultimately find someone who embraces your random idiosyncrasies without pretense and still find you eminently charming, that’s when you know. When you truly know.

We still have 6 days left of August and from what I learned, things can still drastically change within that short period of time. How was your August? Tell me about it on my ask!

BFFFS: Best Friend Forever Fo Sho

In our society, when people say the word soulmate, it is immediately almost always associated with romance. I think that shouldn’t be the case.

Soulmates are your person. The ones who understand you, the whole you. They are the people you can be completely comfortable with, someone you can laugh and ugly cry with without a trace of judgement. The ones who, despite voicing out your darkest, quirkiest, and even your mundane thoughts, still accepts you in your entirety. Someone you can tell everything to, and someone who can tell you everything too, and you’ll both understand and embrace how each other’s minds work.

Soulmates can take the form of your sister, your brother, your neighbor, or really, just anyone who makes you feel the feels stated above.

I’m lucky that my best friend is my soulmate. Someone who calls me in the middle of the night, dead tired from work, just because he couldn’t stand my sappy, emo shit and self-deprecating demeanor anymore. He needed to step in. Slap some sense into me. Because he understands, and he embraces my weaknesses and won’t judge me for them just as much as I will never judge his decisions and his actions because I understand. I will always understand. 

So as much as the person I’m going to end up with, the one I end up marrying and building a life with, will surely make me feel happy and loved, nothing can compare to the type of happiness and bond that I will share with my BFFFS (Best Friend Forever Fo Sho). 

I will rue the day when the universe decides to tear us apart. I will ugly cry and wear sweatpants forever. It wouldn’t be a nice sight. So I hope it never happens. I will offer donuts sprinkled with unicorn’s breath to the gods of friendship if that’s what it takes.

Thank you, BFFFS, for being the Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey, the Mang Tomas to my lechon, the kikoman to my sashimi, the Jesse to my Heisenberg, the atsara to my liempo, the Clockwork to my Orange.

I hope everyone eventually finds their person too.

He’s Not A Coward

Those who label people who chose to end their lives as cowards simply do not understand how completely wrong that is. There’s nothing more terrifying than the moment between making the decision and finally doing it. Ending it means that they’re walking away from the bad stuff, but they’re also choosing to walk away from the good stuff. They’re just choosing to enter into nothingness and that uncertainty is terrifying.

You call them selfish because they didn’t consider the people they left behind. But have you thought about them? Have you thought about the things that ran in their minds, the nightmares that consumed them every single day, suffocated them while nobody noticed and the only solution that they could think of was ending it? Have you thought about that? You sit there calling them selfish when your reason for it is because they didn’t consider your feelings. So really, who’s the selfish one?

I’m not saying what they did was right, or it was the only way out of it. I’m just saying, can’t we just give them the understanding that they didn’t feel when they were alive even if it’s too late? That’s the least we can do.


She looked at all the books she absolutely loved. She remembered the stories she wished were her own. 

As she ran her fingers along the spines of the selection of worlds right before her eyes, she sighed and realized she doesn’t need to hide in them anymore.

Because she remembered the smile on his face, the sweat breaking on his forehead. She remembered the awkward laughters and the inability to stay calm. She remembered the way his eyes lingered on her, probably a bit quizzically. She remembered how his voice sounded familiar and how it rang in her head long after they were done talking for the day. She remembered how even if they lead a somewhat separate life, she finds herself thinking about him, hoping that he’s doing fine. She remembered his enthusiasm, how infectious it was, how it was a breath of fresh air. She remembered how her small hand fit so snug in his. She remembered his hand around her waist, pulling her closer as they smiled innocently, and her being genuinely happy. She remembered how her tiny frame can just sink into him, her nightmares about life slowly disappearing into an abyss of nothingness. She remembered breaking her walls down and allowing him to see who she really was.  She remembered feeling safe. She remembered feeling content.

As she ran her fingers along the spines of the selection of worlds right before her eyes, she sighed and realized she doesn’t need to hide in them anymore.

Because for the first time in a very long while, the real life is better than the books.

What would you say to your future self?


Last Saturday, I went to a screening of this short film called Letters to the Future. It’s a film where 20-something millennials were asked certain questions and I personally fell in love with the idea of being able to see that as a millennial, you’re not alone. No, you’re not just mindlessly ranting. The struggle is real! I decided to answer some of the questions from their page and here are my thoughts:

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be an artist. Someone who works in the field of art, because I grew up knowing that my talents lie in that department. Did I pursue that? No. I’m studying to be a dentist right now. Do I regret it? I’m not so sure yet.

What’s it like to fall in love in 2014?

In the advent of technology, and social media, and free messaging apps, falling in love in 2014 is easy and scary at the same time. It’s easy because talking to each other is not really a big problem but it’s scary how sometimes, it becomes impersonal, and that words are easy to misunderstand. It’s terrifying to see something that could potentially be beautiful be crushed by misunderstandings. 

But let’s be hopeful here. Personally, I think falling in love in 2014, despite the facade of technology, has the potential to be beautiful and to be stripped off of pretentiousness and I think that everyone should have that. To be able to see a person’s quirks and still love him is one of the most beautiful realizations in life. When you find someone who understands your random idiosyncrasies, it’s hard not to fall in love.

 How do you define success?

Success for me is when I could wake up everyday and genuinely feel good about life. And it’s not a one-time thing too. I think success is a life-long run, how everyday it reaches a different level depending on where your life is at that moment.

What will you miss most about being young?

The firsts. Being young allows for a lot of discoveries and I think that what I will miss is the feeling of encountering my “firsts.” I also miss the fact that when you’re young, your dreams and aspirations are uncorrupted by the constant judgement of the “grown-up” world. Everything is possible. Everything is simple.

Where will you be in 30 years?

I don’t know where I’ll be, honestly. Some people think I have my plan all figured out now. Graduate dental school, study to be an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, put up my own clinic. That’s the general plan. But the truth is, I don’t. I don’t have it all figured out yet. Even as I’m almost near at ticking off one of the things in that list, I still don’t have an idea where I’m going. 5 years ago I would’ve confidently answered that question, but right now, I can’t.

I just hope that in 30 years, I’ll be able to wake up and feel great about where 52-year old Alex is. I want to see a happy, content, youthful, badass 52-year old Alex. That’s my only hope.

What’s the worst thing about our generation?

The worst thing about our generation is how we can easily judge a person through an online profile.

What would you say to your future self?

Hello, future Alex. Thinking about me, the younger you, will make you laugh and possibly cringe. But me thinking about you now makes me feel hopeful. I hope that you’ve stopped over-thinking about mundane things because it’s not helping your sanity. I hope you found someone to settle down with already, because you deserve a beautiful family of your own. I hope you didn’t conform to things that you don’t believe in, and you fought for the things that you do. Most of all, I really hope you’re genuinely happy and that you’ve stayed true to yourself.


If you have the chance, go watch Letters to the Future! It’s gonna be one of the most thought-provoking 30 minutes of your life.